Nae Wind :(

So, it turns out there is nae wind South of the Equator. The downside is no
sailing – despite the optimistic attempts by each watch in turn to raise the
staysail when the wind speed exceeds five knots… it’s good to keep
ourselves reminded of how winch handles and the like work once in a while.

So, we’re steadily plodding North on engine revs, resigned to the now
inevitable second stop in a tropical Brazilian port to re-fuel, and possibly
pick up more fresh food. So that’s all the bad news – the flip of the coin
is that a flat, motoring boat in calm sea is brilliant for lots of other

+ lounging on the sunbaked deck while the stereo pumps out Bob Marley tunes
+ handing star charts round the cockpit for southern hemisphere
constellation-spotting (breath taking skies round here)
+ having a perfecting safe pee and knowing it’s all going to stay in the
bowl without sloshing
+ baking apple cake (that come out the oven flat!), and eating it
+ getting the shampoo out (whatever next!)
+ napping in cool-ish cabins with wind-scooped open hatches to escape the
+ hoisting Nick’s shorts up a flag rope (again!)
+ toasting toast, boiling kettles, charging ipods and still having spare
+ swinging off the boat on halyards and swimming laps round the boat (for 15
minutes – we are on a schedule…)
+ massages with SPF50+ / after sun lotion (the boat-equivalent of day/night
+ taking really stable sextant readings
+ falling over at the end of the “Abs of Death” routine, instead of half-way

In short, in the absence of wind and waves, it’s all swell.

Lots of love to all at home!

🙂 Sarah M

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1 Response to Nae Wind :(

  1. Barbara matthewman says:

    Glad the crew are enjoying the calm. I am having trouble following the tracking. For instance, I have had no update in 24 hours. Does anyone else have the same problem? It would be good to have a regular update once the serious Atlantic crossing part starts like there was on the outward journey..

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