Phew, what a scorcher!

29.4. That’s what it said inside the Stevenson’s screen at 6.45 this
morning. We report meteorological data twice daily to the Met office. clouds
are my favourite because we have to spot them using a special book and
debate our observation. To make things more interesting, this also includes
invisible clouds… (these are real!)

My watch began at 4am and by 6am Rapphe is putting us through our paces in
her aerobics and stretching class. Not falling overboard whilst performing
“The Cobra” adds an exciting, additional dimension! James and I will be
doing some proper exercises afterwards!

Keeping cool in the heat of the day includes the obvious hats and fans but
also mid-afternoon, round-the-boat swimming  (mind those sharks!). The water
is staggeringly warm even this far offshore. The connoisseur’s choice for
keeping cool however is night watch. The Milky Way and planets in our solar
system are all breathtakingly visible. Imagine a night with no moon but with
mars illuminating a track over the water. Spotting shooting stars (and
shipping) is another game to play.

Today my watch will be preparing lunch and we shall be serving pancakes.
After the bar for on-board cuisine was pushed even higher by Sari’s curry
last night we will have to pull out all the stops! We’re thinking Apple,
Banana and Coconut flavours.

At present  the sea looks like glass. I you don’t see us again we are
trapped inside a bottle! Now where’s my book…

P.S. We await the results of the Grand National with interest. These will
determine the winner of much-coveted fridge space (for drink) and a dessert
of choice.  I do hope my hose wasn’t shot! Come on, Shakalakaboomboom!

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