Grand National – Results!

Results have been passed on to Elinca, as follows…

Final Results:

1. Pineau De Re (L P Aspell) 25-1 (Cliggy)
2. Balthazar King (R Johnson) 14-1 (Noone)
3. Double Seven (A P McCoy) 10-1 Jt Fav (Noone)
4. Alvarado (Paul Moloney) 33-1 (Noone)
5. Rocky Creek 16-1 (Noone)

So i think that makes Cliggy 5 times winner!!!!

Horses which didn’t finish (out of the ones you had) are: Tidal bay, Quito de la roque, Colbert Station, Wayward Prince, Teaforthree, Battle group, Lion na bearnai, Big Shu, Burton Port, Our Father, Mountainous, The rainbow hunter, Vintage Star, Golan Way, Twirling magnet, Rose of the moon, Shakalakaboomboom and One in Milan.

Your positions 1-10 (you only had 10 horse amongst you which finished) are:

1. Pineau De Re – Cliggy
2. Chance Du Roy – Sari
3. Monbeg Dude – Jon
4. Raz de Maree – Clare
5. Buckers Bridge – Rachel
6. Vesper Bell – Clare
7. Across the bay – Sari
8. Mr Moonshine – Nick
9. Prince de Beauchene – Emma
10. Hawkes Point – Raffe

I’m pretty sure there should be extra forfeits for those who had no horses completing the race (James, Lynda, Bob, Andy, Alice, Sarah) and extra prizes for those who had both horses complete (Clare and Sari)!!

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