Grand National….Freezer rights!

Here is a bonus blog about the grand national results….

Tensions mounted as the Grand National came and went with us, in our news-less cocoon, totally in the dark. Finally the results came through! they make Cliggy the outright winner of a tot of rum, the right to put her water bottle in the freezer and a special pudding. The rest of the crew are envious… and most envious of Cliggys exclusive freezer rights. There is currently only space for one water bottle as the boat freezer is still packed full of meat for the next 18 days of Atlantic heat. She celebrated by taking the last remaining coca cola can out from under her bunk and putting that in the freeze instead while the rest of us lay around the boat slowly cooking and taking sips of tepid boat tank water with lime slices in (to hide the slightly musty flavour).

Interestingly Cliggy also has toilet cleaning duties as her other horse ‘Twirling Magnet’ fell at the first. Clare and Sari were the only ones to have both her horses actually finish and so the only ones to avoid toilet cleaning duties.

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