How many cans of fuel?

Good morning from the 4 to 8am watch after a brief stop last night to collect diesel in Recife,
This was more of a challenge that we first thought, with Elinca depth of 3 metres their were no refuelling stations that would allow us to dock directly until 10 am this morning .so we decided to venture ashore to look for an alternative solution’s

We found a local fuel station just off shore, but this required us to transport the fuel we required by hand in 20 litre fuel cans
back to the boat, after some four hours we collected an amazing 900 litres of Diesel and topped up our food supplies.

Arrived on deck after restless nights sleep to a cool and peaceful start to our crossing of the Atlantic, as we all sit and watch the world around us to start to awake, the sun slowly works it way over the horizon to reveal clear blue sky with clouds neatly placed to complete the picture with a number of dolphin’s in the distance keeping a watchful eye.

Over the last few days we have been keep very busy with a quiz night, what i have to say was not our watches finest hour, but we will try harder next time, we have consoled ourselves with defeat sampling different cakes baked on board.

Swimming in the sea has keep us all cool from the warm sun, which has not been below 28 degrees so far. although as i write our blog this morning we are passing through a very welcome rain shower.

Weather reports show the winds are on their way, so we are all looking forward to some well earned sailing.

To all my friends and family following the blog, much love and thinking of you all

Bob xx

Don’t forget to sign up to the Adventure2013 Welcome Home Party in Falmouth: (now with added veggie option!)

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