Good morning! We were woken up at 4am to go on watch – definitely feeling a
little grumpy after being tossed and turned all night – rather like trying
to sleep in a tumble drier except occasionally you get a massive wave
hitting the deck and coming through the hatches, giving you a rude wake up
call! However, we soon felt loved after we realised Cliggy’s watch had
decamped to Planet Lovely, waking us with a gentle hug and a cuppa. Posters
have mysteriously appeared by the hatch offering everyone the chance to
visit Planet Lovely, to experience free massages between 12 and 2pm, free
hugs all day long, free ice lollies and random acts of kindness to members
of the crew whose names are pulled out of an envelope. Bliss.
After watching the most amazing sunset last night and a full moon glowing
red for ages last night, we have been lucky enough to see the sun rise this
morning and it looks like another cloudless day. However, temperatures are
beginning to drop and jumpers are making an appearance on night watch and
goose pimples are being felt for the first time in ages! The humidity has
dropped meaning we no longer lose our body weight in sweat as it drips off
our noses into the pots and pans as we cook (just adds seasoning!) and
sleeping bags are being dug out of lockers and cupboards.
We have been sailing for a few days now and it is so relaxing not hearing
the constant chug of the engine. We are steaming along at about 7 knots with
1 reef, staysail and jib, so the boat is nicely balanced and heading for the
Azores. With a tasty lentil stew for dinner and lentil soup for lunch the
crew are also producing a fair amount of wind themselves to add to the
The Mucky Duck pub quiz was held last night with an impossible first round
written by Nick called the Generation game – all based on the generator
cupboard. Needless to say our team scored 0 in that round – can anyone guess
how many hooks there are in the cupboard and what the 4th switch on the fuse
box controls?? Oh and not forgetting – how many pants are drying on top of
the generator?! We fared slightly better with Cliggy’s round but alas not
enough to win this week.
Bread making duty calls so I shall sign off here and head for the galley.

Emma x

Ps. Lot of love to Meg and Elvie xx

IMPORTANT!!! Don’t forget to sign up to the Adventure2013 Welcome Home Party on 17 May in Falmouth:

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3 Responses to Planet lovely

  1. Mike H says:

    Is the YellowBrick broken? Last update was on the 15th 😦

    • Hi Mike, I’m not sure as I can’t get onto the adventure2013 site at all at the moment. I’ve asked the boat if the yellowbrick is ok so will let you know if I hear back.

      • Hi Mike, James assures me it is transmitting from them ok. The website is fine again but I can’t figure out how to check the date/time of last position. Can you let me know if its still not working please. Thanks.

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