The air on-board Elinca has been thick with Mystery over the last 24 hours:
People have been unusually nice, lentils have been eaten, a bit of the boat
went “ping”and lastly, fish have started to fly!

We awoke yesterday to a strange notice by the steps. Something about
Cliggy’s watch going on holiday to “Planet Lovely”, and that we all had to
be extra nice to two people each. Immediately I sprang into action, offering
to remove Rapphe’s Dubarrys as she came off watch. At this point Rapphe, a
“Planet Lovely” insider, subtly mentioned the washing up that she (I) had to
do! I ticked off my list with a simple pot of tea for Bob and spent the rest
of the day being horrible to the other 12 people on-board to compensate.

At lunchtime the Chefs of Nick’s watch showed us how you can turn lentils
into tasty food. Their soup was a triumph, and reassuring to all those
on-board who had taken lentils to each of the Harvest Festivals of their
childhood. Emma made some pretty amazing bread to go with the soup, not
least because the power was cut 3 times due to the generator protesting to
the angle of heel!

The next spooky event was when the boat went “ping”. Clearly Elinca had
heard about the niceness epidemic and wanted in. Following a series of rare
tacks, a car was refitted to the port jib traveller and James and I
tensioned mast stays with huge wrenches so comical in their dimensions they
were fit for “Bob the Builder”, a Hollywood film (Armageddon) or a series of
crude jokes about tools and equipment. The crew focussed on the last!

Mid-aftenoon, the crew were treated to a rare occasion of something breaking
on the boat and resulting in a pleasant smell. The 5 gallon bubblegum
flavoured bilge wash stored under the windward 3-man cabin decided to throw
itself over and then ooze under the cabin walls across the companion way
into the leeward cabins. This lead to a rather comical demonstration of how
to move around the boat, already made challenging from the 20 degree angle
and constant wave pounding, when the floors and inadvertently everyones feet
are covered in washing-up liquid. At least it smelt nice, and the cabin
floors were sparkling at the end of it. However, the same cabin had further
issues later on that night, when the side of the bed also decided that
enough was enough and flung itself across the room with all of the boat
maintenance stores following. Some late night drilling skills from Clare
fixed the problem and allowed the residents to return to relative slumber
until an accidental tack at 3am reminded them of the large number of noisy
tins and pots still loose on the floor.

Now this flying fish thing. We all know that fish live under water. However,
if said fish has spent all day being super nice to the other fish in the
shoal (“Extra Plankton tonight Nemo?”) it might just snap and throw itself
out of the water and into the cockpit of the nearest Challenge 67 yacht.
Upon witnessing this event, Nick sprang into action by pointing and
laughing, commenting on how funny it would be if it jumped into Clare and
James’ cabin. Which it then did. Still on the plus side, James has now
caught a fish (Hurrah!) and he was forced to change his sheets 6 weeks early

Andy T

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