Blog 19th April 2014

We are now over half way across our Atlantic challenge making steady progress towards the Azores

The wind is holding well, but brings with it more rough sea’s which has been interesting, waking up this morning was like being in a tumble dryer,bouncing from side to side, then its time to get going ready for watch.

The boat is at 20 degree angle most of the of the time, so just cleaning your teeth or making tea requires careful balance and muscles in places you never thought you had, do you get used to it? – not sure yet but it does make life interesting.

We had home made Hot Cross buns yesterday for good Friday which was nice as I need no excuse for tea and cake, more sightings of whales yesterday, with flying fish landing on deck and finding its way into James cabin, just the wake up call he did not expect.

Throughout the watch we take turns on the helm which is great fun, trying to feel which way the boat wants to go, which in most cases is not the right direction, so we gently guide her back on course, I always come off with a big grin on my face.

Thinking of all my family and friends, missing you all and look forward to seeing you all soon.

Bob xx

Don’t forget to sign up to the Adventure2013 Welcome Home Party on 17 May in Falmouth:

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2 Responses to Hot cross buns

  1. Allan Kirk says:

    How many nautical miles do you reckon you still have to cover before you reach the Azores?

  2. Heather Seddon says:

    Happy Easter to you all. Safe sailing

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