Today’s newsletter will detail clubs and activities available for crew members onboard Elinca. Contact details below.

Craft Club: ever wanted to knit yourself a hat or embroider a fish? Well come along to craft club for jewellery making, clothes repairs and more. Meets most afternoons, no experience required as advice is on-hand. Some materials supplied but please bring your own needles. Tea and coffee contributions welcome. Contact Raffe for more details (starboard 3 man cabin).

The Leaky Face Film Club (LFFC): started by Clare, films are shown most nights at 8pm. Recent showings have included ‘The Curious Case of Benjamin Button’, ‘Up’ and ‘Wall-E’. Tears obligatory. To partake just show up in the saloon at 8pm, film choices usually voiced in the cockpit an hour before.

The Partially Sighted Wildlife Spotters’ Club: run by the lovely partially sighted Sarah, who manages to spot a surprising amount of Atlantic Wildlife. Meets spontaneously following a loud bellow of ‘MASSIVE FINNNNNN’. Recent sightings have included Portuguese Manowar, flying fish, tropic birds and Orcas!

Secret Snack Club: hosted by Cliggy, meets nightly for 4 hours where secret snacks are consumed. Unfortunately, this is a private members only club, and further details of secret snacks must remain secret.

MTC: here’s one for the boys… ever wanted to hold a massive tool and look like you know what you’re doing with it? If so, this could be the club for you. The Massive Tool Club meets on deck every other day for various challenges including shroud tightening and engine fixing. One of their members, James, even managed to star in a pop video recently. Please bring your own over-sized spanner, but ABSOLUTELY no knowledge required.

Food Obsessors’ Club: informal and open meetings most days where food fantasies are discussed. Recent topics have included ‘the ideal fry-up’, ‘best Chinese takeaway’ and ‘ultimate sandwich’ but it usually comes back to cheesecake. All foodies welcome.

Club Leaba: one of the most popular activities onboard Elinca, open nightly with restricted opening hours during the day. Open membership, for more details please contact our honorary president Gemma.

Film Makers’ Club: a new start-up by Lynda, this blossoming club has seen productions of ‘Call Me Maybe’ and ‘Cliggy Potter’. Next production will be Top Gun 2. More details to follow in the next newsletter.

Stargazers’ Club: a new club to the scene, started by a group of keen novices to learn more about the stars. Weather dependent. Warm clothing and pillow useful.

Atlantic Workout Club: home to the infamous ‘abs of death’ routine, daily sessions work on upper body, arms and core strength, all in a fun and non-competetive atmosphere. Come along next Wednesday to see Andy benchpress Raffe. Abs of death 6pm, Max Rep Pressups 8am. Contact Nick (beginners) or Rachel (advanced). All welcome.

Story Club: open membership to this new club where books are read aloud in a relaxing atmosphere. Recent books have included ‘How To Be a Woman’, ‘The Reader’ and ‘Toby’s Room’ (which was a bit weird). Contact Rachel for meeting times.

Jon’s Club: a late submission and unfortunately we have little information about this one. Currently only one member, activities include fancy dress, dancing and easy exercise routines. Contact Jon for more information.

We regret to inform you that Bikini Club and the Southern Atlantic Swim Club have now stopped for the winter season, and Higson’s Fishing Club is suspended due to essential equipment shortages and ongoing repair work.

Until next time, Rachel xx

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  1. Kathleen Dwyer says:

    HAHAHAHA great blog. That is all. Xx

  2. Anna says:

    An insight into your mind!!! Big love, Anna Banana xxxxx

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