Still having a whale of a time…but no whales :(

Hey Nick here back again for another thrilling blog post! No whales seen in
the last 24hrs (booo!) and very little wildlife in general. Finally back
sailing again after 12hrs of no wind with the cruising chute up and making
good progress towards the Azores (I can almost taste the refreshing apple
juice). Usual day to day life continues, people have read more books, some
food was cooked and eaten, some sailing was done and some sleep was had.
Some of you might have heard about our latest remake production, Top Gun 2,
well we started filming yesterday and with only a few arguments over
creative differences we have managed to get some of the scenes filmed! Watch
this space for more updates. Highlight of today is probably pizza for lunch,
or may not depending. The survivors might post a review tomorrow.

I am now of to bed to try and catch some sleep before the rest of the boat
wakes up.

Stay Classy

PS Don’t forget those birthday wishes for Lynda’s big birthday tomorrow

PPS Check out the facebook page for the Homecoming party video and don’t forget to sign up.

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