Yesterday was a day full of surprises. All good ones fortunately, including Lynda’s Birthday which started early at 4am.

Todays surprise is Happy Birthday Lynda! Now go to sleep for 4 hours until everyone else is ready to celebrate.

It had been calm overnight and we’d had the motor on but just as the sun rose the wind increased and we were able to get the Kukri cruising chute up again. This giant light weight sail is ideal in calmer winds that are on the beam. Our speed increased and we were sailing at 7 knots without the noise of the engine. The wind was up and down all day and so the cruising chute was up and down a few times too. As it’s so big we hoist it behind the jib to stop it from powering up and becoming unmanageable. Once it’s up we furl away the jib and the cruising chute fills and off we go. To drop it we unfurl the jib to depower it and then get a team of people on the foredeck to gather it in as it comes down. By the end of the day we were working as a slick team doing this. James and Clare even had a bash at helming for a good hour or two.

Cliggys watch cooked up a super surprise chicken for dinner… the surprise being that it was in fact beef and not chicken, delicious all the same. Then at dusk we were joined by a pod of dolphins who jumped playfully alongside before heading to the bow. At least 8 of them stayed with the boat for the next 10 minutes or so, playing in front of the bow. Seems amazing how fast they can swim – 7 knots seemed no problem to them! It also gave us a chance to get some more dolphin footage on the video camera (although I think Clare may have got slightly fed up now of all of the hours of dolphin/whale footage that has to be viewed after…most of it being just the sea rather than anything more exciting!!).

Later we completed work on Project “Lynda’s Birthday”, which wasn’t a surprise for anyone except Jon. Clare however did an excellent job spelling out to Jon, in front of Lynda, exactly what secret baking was going on. What was a surprise was the useful application of vegan cooking. Information from his mysterious world of selective eaters was proven to be invaluable on a boat with no eggs..! When it came to cake decoration Bob and Rapphe surprised us all by reclaiming solidified sugar in order to make icing, the only side affect of which was a blackboard nail sound to wake the dead. I had to think of rubbing cotton wool on my teeth just to forget.

Lynda, Jon, Andy and Alice

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4 Responses to Surprises

  1. Barbara matthewman says:

    Hope you had a Happy Birthday Lynda!

  2. Hayley Sharpe says:

    For Lynda:
    Happy Birthday Lynders!! Hope you had a wonderful day my dear. Sounds like they looked after you. Are you counting the number of dolphins? I’d like to see a tally when you’re back. I hope you are having a wonderful time. In other news, I’m making a brief stop in blighty in July – I can’t remember where you’ll be then. I’ve checked out all your FB photys from South America. What an adventure. Unfortunately, not much has happened here – I’ve really just been working, woop. The ski season wasn’t very good, so you didn’t miss much there. But, we’re doing a national park tour at the end of June, in case you didn’t want to go back to the lab straight away?? Meeting Claire&Andy at Yellowstone. Anyway, the point of my message was to let you know we’re thinking of you šŸ™‚ Can’t wait to catch up!
    Lots of love,
    Hayley (and Rob) xxxxxxx

  3. Janet Howard says:

    Hi Lynda
    Happy birthday and looking forward to seeing you when you reach UK With much love Aunty Janey and all the family

  4. Sue & Martin Groocock says:

    Hi Lynda
    Happy Birthday
    All our love
    Mum & Dad
    Enjoy your cake!! & see you soon

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