Bonus blog- answers to questions from 1st Marple Guides from Clare

1. Are the beds squished?
If you mean are the beds small then yes, I guess they are quite small but
the main problem is that the boat is always leaning over and so we have to
tie ourselves into our beds so that we don’t fall out. Me and James share a
cabin with two beds in it but his is loads better than mine so I sleep in it
when he is awake.

2. Did you see any carnivals in Rio?
No, we missed the Rio carnival but we saw one in Montevideo (in Uruguay, the
country next to
Brazil) that was pretty good. There were lots of women with feathers on
heads, drummers and men dressed as women… bit like Marple Carnival 🙂

3. Have you fallen on the boat yet?
No, but I have jumped off. When it is hot we try to swim once a day if the
waves are not too big. We stop the engine and the boat just floats as we
swim around it. We don’t do this for long as we are all scared of sharks.
There are Ocean White Tip sharks and Great Whites in the area that we are
and so we always keep a watch for fins… we’ve not seen one yet!

4. Who farts the most?
I’m not sure… maybe Nick

5. Are you guidesick?
Maybe just a little bit? I’m looking forward to coming back in June. Susi
has kept me up to date on the gossip from Gang Show so I don’t feel like
I’ve missed too much.

6. What has been the best memory so far?
Getting engaged to the Captain (my boyfriend) James in South Georgia. It was
snowing and there were seals making funny noises all around the boat. I
still don’t have a ring yet because he is trying to make me one and it’s
taking him ages.

7. Have you got lost yet?
The boat has not been lost yet, that would be quite a big problem. I did get
a bit lost in Rio though looking for a bank.

8. How many presents have you got for family?
I bought them all something for Christmas and I also have a little something
hidden on the boat for when I see them in May. So I guess that is two
presents, not so many from a 9 month holiday but I don’t have much money and
there aren’t many shops in the sea.

9. Have you seen any whales?
Lots of whales in Antarctica. We saw whales nearly every day and they got
within a few metres of the boat. We also saw lots of whale bones which was a
little bit sad. The whale bones were all left over from the beginning of the
century when they used to hunt and kill whales for their blubber in

10. Have you had a shower?
We get to shower about once a week on the boat and inbetween that we get to
jump in the sea and rinse down with fresh water. We are not too smelly
although in this heat I am sweating LOADS. The longest I went without a
shower was 20 days in Antarctica. This was pretty grim but it was so cold we
didn’t sweat much and we were wearing so many layers of clothes that you
couldn’t smell us.

11. Have you gone crazy?
Maybe a little. It’s going to be weird getting back to normal life after 9
months living on a boat full of mad people. You guys are going to have to
help me.

12. What’s the most exciting animal you have seen?
James favourite animals were the Humpback Whales as there were loads of them
with strange knobbly backs that swam around the boat. My favourite was the
leatherback turtle we saw crossing the Atlantic. It was big enough to ride
on its back but we didn’t. Other cool animals have been monkeys, sea lions,
sun fish, penguins (of course) lot of penguins and flying fish that jump out
of the water and have wings.

13. Have you been swimming and seen any dolphins?
We’ve done lots of swimming and seen lots of dolphins but not swam with
dolphins yet. The dolphins come and play with the boat when it is moving
really fast through the water. They play in the bow wave and you can hear
their squeaking through the hull of the boat.

14. What animals and sea creatures have you seen?
Whales, dolphins, penguins, seals, sea lions, albatrosses and loads of cool
sea birds, parrots, monkeys, flying fish, sun fish, tuna fish (we caught
one), cockroaches and lots of crazy stray dogs.

15. What is the food like?
The food is really good. We are all proud of our cooking on Elinca and I
honestly can’t remember a bad meal. We cook in teams of 3 or 4 so it’s fun
and someone always knows what they are doing.

16. Have you fallen off the toilet?
maybe a little 🙂

17. Has there been a storm?
We have had some strong gales but no real storms yet. We have really good
weather forecasting so we can usually know when storms are coming and avoid
the worst of them. We had a lot of wind around Cape Horn and also in the
South Atlantic but not too much for the boat… it was always on the fun
side of scary.

18. Has anybody fallen overboard?
Not yet thank goodness. We jump overboard… but only when it is nice
weather and we can’t see any sharks or jelly fish.

19. Have you played midships?
Not yet but good idea… maybe I’ll get the crew playing midships this week

20. Would you do it all again?
I would love to do it all again. I would love to keep doing this forever but
I miss my family and the friends who haven’t come with us and I have run out
of money. I am going to come home, marry James and work for a little bit.
Then maybe I will start planning an adventure to the north to the Arctic!

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  1. Susannah says:

    Haha trust the Guides to ask about falling off the toilet!

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