Swallows, kazoos… and Mr Darcy!

Good Morning Everyone,

I must admit that after reading this for the last eight months, and now writing one seems slightly surreal. Currently we are ‘blasting’ at 10 knots according to Nick…my team Captain.

Life on a 67 ft B&B is quite exciting. I haven’t found the Jacuzzi yet,however I did learn how to pump out the poo tank this morning.

The days are filled with watching the sea,leaning to the left , Whale and dolphin watching and cloud spotting.

As the unofficial entertainment director, I have planned several activities including an origami contest, Kite flying, and sing along with brightly coloured kazoos, which on second thought may have been a mistake.

We had a visitor on the boat yesterday in the form of a swallow…poor thing was lost, so he stayed for a rest,tried to make a nest in Bonito’s hair, and flew off. It was cool, however he arrived just as the girls were in the middle of Pride and Pred as Mr Darcy first proposed. Yup I travelled 4000 mile to watch the BBC Period drama in the middle of the Atlantic.

This set up is actually ideal, and run like a well oiled machine…each watch is between 2-four hours with everyone taking turns on the helm and then checking the numbers . In the afternoon as each one of us emerge from the previous shift and or sleep we try and entertain each other with quizzes and games. Yesterday we bobbed for apples on the front deck. Sarah Jane and I ended up in a tie, which I thought was pretty cool as neither one of us had our glasses on. High Tea is served several times a day. It is all so very civilized.

In the days ahead I will be compiling a Top Ten odd phrases I have heard while on board so stay tuned for that.

A big shout out and a Hellllooooo to my Mama, and for BryanBritt .’I did not fall off the Boat.’ Gemma the sweets are gone… please send a carrier bird with more.


Have a Great day from Team Nick, Clifford, Raffe, Nick and Leslie.

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1 Response to Swallows, kazoos… and Mr Darcy!

  1. Richard Clarke says:

    Aha! an early meeting with the tank. We did warn you. The full 206 strokes I trust.
    See you all in Falmouth.

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