No wind (again…) and a note from Zoe

Unfortunately the wind seems to have completely disappeared again in our
area of the north Atlantic.  The engine is back on and we are motor
sailing….well at least the sails are up but aren’t really doing anything
and can’t really seem to make their minds up which side they would like to
fill on.  Still it is easier to keep the main up (hoisting it with one watch
is a bit of a challenge) and stops the boat from rolling as much.

Boredom has begun to set in.  Fortunately Leslie seems to have brought all
sorts of things with her to keep us entertained!  Everyone has been busy
with origami making – Cliggy has made some very professional looking flowers
and the rest of us have attempted to make all sorts of birds, penguins and
other random animals as well as a book of ‘The Adventures of Barney’ made by
Rachel.  Leslie had also brought various prizes which were awarded for the
origami including various socks, a ‘lovely’ hat which Jon is now wearing and
various mini bottles of alcohol (which may have to be saved for La Coruna).
As well as the origami there are also a couple of colouring books which when
there is nothing better to do seems to pass the time at least!!

We seemed to reach a low point yesterday morning with Rachel being
particularly bored – not helped by the rest of the watch being half asleep!
We ended up with her spending time trying to juggle with apples and balance
them on her head, along with sending her on laps of the boat!  There have
also been a lot of rounds of the ‘top 5 game’, which as the name suggests
you have to name your top 5 in certain categories, as well as a lot of bad
jokes and rounds of the temperature game – guessing the current temperature
on the boat (down to 12.9 degrees this morning)

We have also had a few wildlife sightings to keep us busy.  Yesterday there
were lots of what we initially thought to be Portuguese man of war floating
past the boat.  Cliggy fished one of these out in a bucket and it spent the
day sat on deck in a jug.  Turns out though it wasn’t a man of war after all
and instead something completely harmless.  There was also a sighting of
what was thought to be a shark but turned out to be a sunfish yesterday

This morning it is currently as calm as yesterday with the only wind being
the apparent wind created by the engine!  Hopefully it will pick up sometime
soon before we run out of things to keep us busy!!



And a quick note from Zoe:

Sign up to the Welcome Home Party now! Deadline for orders is 23:59 this Tuesday 6 May

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