To all past crew members: Elinca’s lost property box

With only two weeks left now until Elinca is due in Falmouth we have started to plan how on earth we are going to get a whole boat load of stuff off Elinca and back to where it came from. Looking around it has come to our attention that a lot of the stuff aboard does not actually belong to us.

Zoe: Your much loved and much used baking equipment (I hope you know what is yours), Go Pro camera and attachments.
Jim: Your oilskins, your Hornblower and suits DVDs
Andrea: Guitar and guitar book.
Nick Legg: Oxygen bottle and bits
Jess Garratt: Your oilskins
John Theakston: 2 x survival suits, 2 x PLBs, South Georgia kit, big orange boots, fishing stuff.
Marcus Hardimann: Angle grinder
Bill Rayner: Sleeping bag, big vice
Tim: Fishing rod
Dick Pattison: South Georgia walking kit, sextant
Jenn Lamb: Boots (yes they are still alive!)

Clare Xxx

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4 Responses to To all past crew members: Elinca’s lost property box

  1. Richard says:

    Please remember I left a NIKON charger on board, I´l come pick it up when you dock.

  2. sari says:

    Sari: cruising log book (last seen with James on nav table) and brown hair clip (attached to Lynda’s indonesian sarong). Please could both come home with Raffe?
    Am adjusting to Land, mostly by being asleep! Call me maybe’s Edinburgh premiere happened alongside the transatlantic voyage necklace launch at Friday’s Arty Farty Party, to overwhelming critical acclaim – folk were in stitches.
    Miss you all!!! Sari x

  3. Jenn says:

    Also James did my lovely blue fleece hoody ever materialise? Serves me right for packing after a big night out!

  4. Andrea says:

    Will be taking my guitar (and book) back up North with me from Falmouth 🙂 do you want me to take various thermals I lent out as well?

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