A day in the life of Elinca

Mornings are generally started with a member of the crew waking me up after a sleep in my comfort controlled deluxe cabin (I have a four season sleeping bag), with a cup of coffee or tea. I have asked them to surprise me twice a week. After a quick shower and a massage (Baby wipes and moisturiser) it’s all hands on deck for morning stretch and sunrise planks.

Then it’s time for tea!

It’s my turn on the helm. I get a half hour to spot and chase clouds while keeping a heading of 52*-mysterious 52* If we are lucky a dolphin swims along with us for a while.

Then it’s time for tea!

Around midday we have Arts and Crafts. Yesterday was Origami and we now have
4 penguins
1 sparrow
8 cranes
2 turtles
2 books
1 alligator
…and some sort of space creature

The winner got to pick from the bag of ‘Valuable Prizes’ Turns out they all won.

Then it’s time for tea!

Today’s classes and activities are posted below;

How to tie a knot with Nick on the Lido Deck
Power napping on the Puket lounge
Adult colouring (not that kind of adult)
Pedicures in the Salon
Cooking demo in the chef’s kitchen…Brownies with creme d’menthe glaze

One thing I must tell all of you is that several times a day when the wind changes, just like magic a swarm of colourfully dressed people appear out of somewhere below to trim the sails, check the jib, and winch the ropes. And POOF just like that they are gone again and we are now back on track to 52*

Then it’s time for tea!

Apparently there is a mischief maker on board. A red tea cup of no importance was broken yesterday and now a jar of peanut butter as been ‘misplaced’ I have been informed that a full scale investigation as well as a task force has been assigned on behalf of the injured party (Rachael) who thought she was being clever and hid the jar two days ago.

Before my time on watch ends I get the privilege of cleaning the loos. I knew those rubber gloves I bought in the gift shop would come in handy. I still haven’t found the Jacuzzi on board but I do hear splashing so I know I’m close.

Yesterday we had a real treat. Quite by the luck of Neptune… all the way from the Port side. Cliff-Richard and The Barneycals… yes that is how you spell it, performed LIVE! There was a guitar, drum solo and many voices singing on the Lido Deck. Although the talent woke up James for a second day in a row. So I imagine the drums will have to be thrown overboard.

So as we finish our watch We on team Nick wish all of you a great day. We are off to take a nap before the Kazoo lessons begin. By the way….

It’s time for tea

Nick, Raffe, Cliff and Leslie

***at the time of this blog our heading has been updated to 90*  So long 52*
it’s been grand!

Yesterday, being Sunday, saw a return to the Mucky Duck for our weekly quiz…. omehow Nick’s watch for about the 4th week in a row ended up in the “beer garden”. Unfortunately the lack of beer and the decrease in temperature makes it less tempting to be in! We started with a round on Star Wars thanks to our home contact for the questions which were read out by Clare.

Cliggy, Alice and I shocked our other crew members since the 3 of us have never watched it…. luckily we were all in separate teams so our lack of knowledge on the topic did not really matter! Apparently it was Star Wars day yesterday…May the Fourth be with you… or something like that! This round was followed by an observational round by James on the Chart room. It is amazing how many times you can walk by something without really taking it in! Jon’s team did the best on that round… at least someone is paying attention! The boat is 48.88 tonnes by the way….t hose of you who have been on board may have noticed the big sign as you go down to the galley….I have definitely seen it and probably read it at some point but the information hadn’t quite sunk in! Well it has now…!

The final round was done beautifully by Nick…. guess the song he is attempting to play on the kazoo…..it was very funny! Of course “Call me Maybe” featured and the
theme tune to “Cliggy Potter”…….

In the end it was a definite win by Cliggy’s watch closely (well, ok, not so closely…) followed by our team then a point behind us was Jon’s team.

Some of us were foolish enough to go swimming yesterday. With no wind and not much swell, Alice decided to suggest it. Well, I can confirm we are definitely out of the tropics now! It was refreshing to say the least!
Rachel, Cliff, Benito, Alice, Jon, Nick and I were in briefly…. well, some longer than others! I got out pretty quickly after my muscles started to stop working! I think Nick managed to swim a lap of the boat and the halliard was used to swing off. I was even out screamed by Rachel as she flung herself by rope into the water!

Other exciting news, we have Marmite on board! (Thanks to Leslie) And I have somehow found myself on a watch with other people that like marmite and peanut butter on toast (Cliff, Leslie and I converted Nick to the fantastic combo)!

On that note, I think I will have another piece…

Raffe xx

p.s. I have also discovered the trick to steering in a straight(er) line…. concentration! … and clouds…… Most of us have been steering in a bit of a wiggle (or chasing snakes…) and when we got up this morning James was on the helm to see what all the fuss was about…..apparently nothing. It should be easy! Looking ahead rather than at the compass also helps….

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