Dr Alice’s Birthday

Today, its Dr Alice’s birthday.  We don’t know her surname as she signs all her booking forms as “Doctor Alice” but i’m sure some of you reading at home will know who i mean! So the watch are busy making cake with boats on, there are presents prepared and we’ll be able to drink real Spanish wine to celebrate.  Happy Birthday Dr Alice 😀

We’re nearly home.  We’ve come a long way to being here, too.  21000 miles for Clare and I, and only 2000 miles behind for Cliggy, Jon and Nick.  Once again we’re approaching the north west of Spain in the rain, a wee bit tired, and looking forward to a rest.  The last time we came here was on the way down, and we were tired from the manic-ness of preparation and getting used to being at sea and the shorter sleeping patterns and the unfamiliar movement and noise. This time it’s a weariness that doesn’t seem to go away with sleep.  I think it’s time for a real bed and some nice non-moving, non-creaking, non-drumming-outside-my-hatch-when-i’m-trying-to-sleep, non-damp sleep, where i can turn my brain off and sleep the sleep of the dead.  I’m glad we have Rachel and Nick to keep the energy levels high, and Sarah and Lynda and Leslie and Raffe to keep us entertained.  They’re all keeping me sane 🙂

That being said, there’s more to do yet!  We’re headed for Camarinas today, then on to La Coruna.  I love La Coruna.  I love padron peppers, and red Rioja (though i hear this is really white rioja territory) and the climate (the drizzle makes me feel at home). I’m looking forward to my dad coming to join us for the last leg home, to chatting with him about life and plans, and making it this far.  And from there we’re a week away from family and friends and more chaos to get the boat back to Angus again.  Got to love a bit of chaos, right?


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4 Responses to Dr Alice’s Birthday

  1. Jim Boyce says:

    its been a very quick 8 months, me (mum) waving you all off, dad included, and heading home alone with your exciting time ahead. now packing dads rucksack for the last leg for him to sail back with you and me to travel back to falmouth alone to welcome you all back safely


    Happy Birthday ALICE
    Love Brian and Molly

  3. Emma Layfield says:

    You’ll look back in a month or two and probably miss the chaos (prob not the drumming though!) and remember all the amazing bits of the trip that you are too tired to remember properly now. Enjoy the last few weeks – normality isn’t half as much fun! Em x

  4. Mat Damon says:

    I thought Alice was her surname. Happy Birthday Doctor Alice! Grin and bear it James. Not far to go. Just think, what would Barney do?

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