Another Birthday Onboard

So today its Sarah’s birthday! Having just finished celebrating Alice’s it was straight into planning Sarah’s. Since we were in port yesterday we have not made a cake yet but one will be made soon….carrot cake this time – yum! I have really enjoyed all the birthdays on board and how everyone pulls together to make them as special as possible. Alice’s cake was a combined effort of all the watches….Jon started off by making the chocolate sponge and put it in the oven then Leslie and I made the filling and topping and took it out of the oven (it was a bit drizzly and was the 12 to 4am watch so was a welcome break to being outside!) then Cliggy put it all together and decorated it….boat themed of course….it took some skill getting it to look like a flat cake as cooking cakes at an angle always leads to interesting results!
Its about 9.15am and we have just set sail from Camarinas and are heading for La Coruna. It should take about 8 hours as its only 45 miles away – a tiny distance compared to the last times setting off…will be strange arriving somewhere the same day as leaving….barely worth putting the sails up! No more night sailing for me as today is my last day on board ….until Falmouth where I get back on to help return the boat to Stornoway… it’s not like I am properly leaving…merely taking a break, enjoying some unbroken nights of sleep and having a holiday in Spain whilst they face the Bay of Biscay!
We have had a fairly relaxed time in Camarinas and could properly land here as in the Azores it was such a flying visit it felt like we got there, blinked, and were off again….we all would have liked a bit more time there however the winds did not allow for this. For me it meant the week sailing after that was a bit tougher than the leg before. I had only managed to get a couple of hours to myself the morning before we left and I have to say much as I am going to miss everyone having a bit of peace and quiet will be nice!
Last night the more girly part of the film club (including James) watched Dirty Dancing (thank you Gemma for that!) …. the other part of the crew went out for tapas, those of us who stayed in had had tapas for lunch – oh so good!
Camarinas is a little non-touristy town famous for its lace. There were about 4 or 5 lace shops – incredible pieces of work but I have no idea how they make a living from selling it! There were a few little beaches and when we arrived Alice, Rachel, Jon and Nick all went to play volleyball and go for a swim. The others explored yesterday morning and I had a wander there in the afternoon. Lynda ran about half a marathon yesterday afternoon – slightly by accident as she didn’t realise she had taken the long way back! Impressive especially after so long at sea! There is a new arrival on the boat, Leslie and I met him and he told us he wanted to live in our newly sprung garden with the origami….we are not sure yet how he will get on with Barney as he is quieter by nature and prefers to hang out with the flowers than bounce about the place… we shall see….Leslie I am sure will keep you updated!
It’s been such an incredible adventure to be part of and I am so grateful to all those who put so much work into organising it and to everyone who has been on board….its just been fab!
Really really looking forward to seeing everyone in Falmouth! Love to everyone at home – see you soon-ish…
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2 Responses to Another Birthday Onboard

  1. Kathleen Dwyer says:

    Happy birthday gorgeous Miss Sarah! Hope you had a fantastic day and some extra yummy (and flat) cake. Wish I could be seeing you all soon in Falmouth. Can’t believe how quickly the return trip seems to have gone – from blog-reading at least! Hope you all enjoy these last few days on board! Xx

  2. Mat Damon says:

    Happy Birthday Sarah!

    I hope you had a wonderful day and have a tasty cake!

    I was looking for a picnic baskets today and thinking of Summer, and Kew the music. Jools Holland is playing- could be a great one for a group! I vetoed the basket in the end because I felt it would hold insufficient food!

    Come back and drink Gin with me! I have done weeding.

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