Leg 10 Video

Hi all,

The second Atlantic crossing was long, windless and definitely a test of everyone’s mental heath as well as their physical strength. After a couple of weeks careful editing here is more or less what happened to us. I hope you enjoy it.

Hello from Elinca to all the Leg 10 crew not still onboard: Andy Taylor, Bob Little, Emma Layfield and Sari Martin.

Clare Xx


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3 Responses to Leg 10 Video

  1. Paula says:

    Another amazing leg and what wonderful images to be able to share. From dolphins to celebrations to the adventures of the penguin shorts. Not to mention the plaits and makeup of mrs Neptune. Much as I am looking forward to Elinca’s return I’m most concerned about what will replace my daily dose of the blog. See you all in one week.

  2. Emma says:

    Woo Hoo – it’s fantastic to see you all again and relive the memories! Well done on a fab video Claire. Love to all – not long to go now….. Em xx

  3. sariwari says:

    Love love love love love.
    Such a great video Claire, thank you!!! Sari xxx

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