On Our Way for the Last Time


We’re on our way again. This time it’s leg 12, La Coruna to Falmouth. It’s
amazing how quickly the last eight months have gone. In September it was
quite lumpy crossing the Bay of Biscay and so we stopped briefly in La
Coruna to get a good night’s sleep on our way down to Lisbon. This time it’s
more relaxed and we have six days to get from the north coast of Spain to
the UK. The plan is to sail 300 miles to Brest and stop there for a night or
two and then make the final sail to Falmouth from there, ready to see our
friends and family at the arriving party on Saturday evening. The forecast
is looking ideal with northwesterly winds taking us quickly to Brest and
then a lull followed by easterlies for the leg to Falmouth. After several
legs of light winds and motoring we’re looking forward to a good sail. A low
pressure system passed across Biscay a few days ago and so there was quite a
large swell as we left port this morning. The wind was too calm to sail and
so we had a uncomfortable motor until lunchtime (and being downstairs making
lunch wasn’t pleasant, even after eight months onboard). At three o’clock
the wind had increased enough for us to turn the engine off and sail. The
wind was still quite light and so we put up the Kukri cruising chute,
dropped the jib and we’re now flying along at 7.5 knots in force 3 winds.

To mix things around on this leg, the normal watch leaders (Cliggy, Nick and
myself) are on watch-leader watch with Emily (who often sails as a watch
leader on the Ocean Youth Trust boat John Laing). Alice and Lynda are
looking after one of the watches and Rachel is in charge of the final watch
with help from Sarah. There was an awkward moment after lunch when Nick,
Cliggy and myself had to do the washing-up. We’ve had a watch to do this for
us for the last four months. We eventually worked out where the tea-towels
are kept and I think that we did a reasonable job. We’ll have to see how we
cope together over the rest of a week.

Four crew left in La Coruna and so it’s farewell to Raffe, Benito, Cliff and
Richard. They’ve been keenly replaced by Jim, Dan, Niamh and Emily. We had a
great stay in Spain with lots of tasty food and wine and we’re excited to be
continuing the cheese tour to France and the eleventh country that we’ve
visited on Adventure 2013. It’ll be sad to leave Elinca in two weeks time
but I am looking forward to catching up with friends, a comfortable bed, no
more night watches and being able to cycle and run regularly again.

Looking forward to seeing everyone again soon!


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3 Responses to On Our Way for the Last Time

  1. Jill Baker says:

    All good wishes for the last leg of your journey. We have so enjoyed following your daily updates. Sorry not to get a cake to your home coming ( we are on the Greek Islands) hopefully I can get one to you in Marple if you are here for any length of time. Let me know. Alastair Baker’s Mum Jill.

  2. Klaus Geipel says:

    Enjoy your cheese tour! Maybe it will become a “Booze Cruise”, too? I enjoyed your daily reports very much ever since my son celebratetd New Years Eve with you in Puerto Williams. Good luck for the following days and a save arrival in Falmouth. Klaus

  3. Jess says:

    As if its less than a week until you guys are back, I am so excited to see you all :c) ( i hope my flight isn’t delayed…). Best of luck for the last leg of the voyage.

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