Alberto Rioja, gnome-extraordinaire

How do, Alberto here.  I’m YET ANOTHER new member of crew onboard Elinca.
I’m about 20 cm tall with a green hat and a great big bushy beard.  I’m a
gnomio (a Spanish gnome), found by Leslie and Raffe in Camarinas, and
thought I’d keep Barney company on the final leg back to the UK.  I’ve
mainly been hanging out in the origami garden, with the flowers, penguins
and the elephant-come-non-descript-upside-down bird where I feel most at
home, and I can watch everything that goes on in the cockpit.  However it is
a bit disorientating watching life go backwards.

Our lovely new crew members seem to have settled in well while the old crew
continue to talk about food, constantly.  There was a lot of consulting
about the quality of the dinner sausages, now that we’re back in Europe.
Barney continues to enjoy his trip and is slowly making more friends.  In
fact he enjoyed a lovely moment in Spain where a departing Raffe gave him a
hug goodbye, an extremely rare sight.  In other entertainment news… we’ve
seen the first vomit for a while AND the ever-popular game of ‘top 5’
continues with recent topics including ‘top 5 best wines to drink outside on
a sunny day’, ‘top 5 malt whiskies’ and to round it off ‘top 5 items you’d
like to eat at a BBQ’.  This caused much controversy as to whether to have
your halloumi alone grilled in slices or on a kebab mixed with onions and
peppers, and a torrent of terrible but amazing cheese jokes.  And arguments
about whether plastic cheese counts as cheese.  And general disapproval at
Rachel’s love of Dairylea Dunkers.  And a further 20 mins discussion about
cheese which I won’t bore you with…

So we continue to storm along towards France and it’s epic culinary delights
at around 8 knots.  Watchleader watch seem to have survived thus far and
Rachel and Sarah’s consortium have put in several slick reefs overnight and
kept us going in vaguely the right direction, vaguely.

Well that’s about all the news for now. Back to work I go. Until next
time… Alberto Rioja, gnome-extraordinaire xx

ps hey-ho to Leslie’s lovely mum
pps hi-di-ho to the 7 dwarfs

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