Cheese and snowglobe quest?

Position: 48.29N 04.59E doing 6.5kn 155 degrees

According to James, Elinca is barrelling in towards Camaret, hoping they’ve space. If not they’ll head for Brest (according to, they have just changed course so it looks as though Brest is winning). They should be in by early afternoon, all going well

And our newest blogger says:

Hello! It’s Niamh here, one of the two newbies on board, along with my dad, Dan. I say newbie: I mean complete, total rookie…

And what a start to any sailing career! Elinca is enchanting, with a crew to match. After an initial bout of seasickness (bleaugh), we’ve settled into as much of a routine as can exist on such a short leg, which from my experience so far consists of eat, watch, sleep, watch, eat, watch, sleep, eat, and variations thereof. The phrase ‘rock-a-bye-baby’ has taken on new meaning as I’m lulled to sleep any time I lie flat, which is basically every time I’m below deck in order to evade the return of the dry heaves (bleaugh!).

Above deck is glorious. Miles of sparkling ocean, blue skies, and the occasional pod of dolphins flirting with the waves. We’re on the 4am to 8am watch as I speak, which began with an almost-full moon over the silver sea, and the sun is about to rise.

We expect to arrive in Brest by lunchtime, which for some people means a quest for all-important cheese. In my case, there begins a hunt for a snowglobe. Yes, a snowglobe; my boyfriend would otherwise refuse to allow me home without a contribution to his collection. I’m sure the fact that it says ‘Brest’ will be an added bonus…

Well, folks, I’m off to watch the moon set and the sun rise over the ocean before having something to eat, finishing my watch, and drifting off to sleep. Ah. life on the ocean wave!

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3 Responses to Cheese and snowglobe quest?

  1. Richard Clarke says:

    And now for the Chenal du Four. Has anyone reminded the skipper about tidal streams in case he has forgotten what they are?

  2. Rachel Apple juiced in bar says:

    So beautiful. Brought me to tears I am so sad that currently I have to walk more than 20 meter to chat to you friend

  3. jrcar2004 says:

    I do like snow globes 🙂 also cheese. Glad it is all going well!

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