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48.46N 04.82E 028 degrees 6.8 kn, half way up the Chenal du Four.

Today’s blog – sorry, “slog”  has a slight air of the demob-happy about it.  Somewhat more informal, slightly less precise , but it paints a wonderful picture of how motley our motley crew has become 🙂

The Slog

Today’s blog is coming to you in the form of a slog, or a song blog.  Over the last few months, during my time onboard Elinca, some of my favourite moments have been shared through the medium of song and lyrical genius, often in moments of utter madness.  Today we would like to share with you some of these songs which have been created by various crew members of Adventure2013.

The Oaty Goat Song

This short blues riff/song was inspired by Clifford who sailed from the Azores to La Coruna.  He was a demon on the guitar and encouraged a daily “ging gang gouly” in the cockpit.  This song was an improvisation created in one of these special moments.

I’m on a boat,

There is a goat,

He has oats,

In his throat.

The Torpedo Disco Dolphin

This song is a personal favourite of mine.  It was inspired by the frequent pods of dolphins riding our bow wave at night, through the impressive phosphorescence across the Atlantic.  It goes like this:

Torpedo disco dolphin, how wonderful you are,

You ride the flumie lumies like a mega moviestar.

Torpedo disco dolphin, the first time I saw you,

I thought you were a torpedo, but then I saw you move.

Torpedo disco dolphin, so sparkly in the sea,

So wonderful and beautiful, you make me so happy.

Torpedo disco dolphin, I’m glad you’re here tonight,

Coz crossing the Atlantic without you wouldn’t be right.

Unfortunately I have forgotten the 3rd verse, invented at 4am, apologies.

Cotton-Eyed St Hernot

Following our crossing of the Bay of Biscay, we spent some time in the tranquil fishing village of Camaret-sur-mer.  This recent creation was inspired by crew member Emily on a foray into the French countryside, to the sleepy village of St Hernot:

A ding-a-dang-a-dang-gang-dang-ohhhh,

I’ve been married long time ago,

Where did you come from, where did you go,

Where did you come from… ST HERNOT!

(Cue crazy dancing)

La Bamba/Twist and Shout MASH UP

Whilst winding our way along the scenic French coastal path, keeping ourselves entertained with song, a magical moment occurred when we realised the following two songs blend beautifully into audible harmony.  We’d like to share them with you.

Sha-la-la-la-la-la-bamba, doo doo doo doo,

Twist and shout, twist and shout,

Sha-la-la-la-la-la-bamba, doo doo doo doo,

Twist and shout.

You know you look so gooooood, look so good,

You know you look so fiiiiiiiiiiiiiine, look so fine,

Sha-la-la-la-la-la-bamba, doo doo doo doo,

Twist and shout….

All song and jokes aside, I have had a wonderful time on Elinca over the last few months and am incredibly grateful to have been a part of Adventure2013.  I also thank you all for reading my blogging drivel.  Until next time… Rachel xx

Having booked to come on this trip 2 years ago, knowing that it was the last and shortest leg (and the only one I knew wouldn’t clash with work exams, 2 years in advance), I couldn’t be more thrilled to be on board.  I have been in desperate need of escaping from the office for 5 months and I had not imagined how much we have been able to squeeze into the week.  My first victory was finding the boat in La Coruna without getting lost, despite trying to find the wrong marina, and not having to call James to say I was lost.  My Spanish is embarrassingly poor.  Sailing across Biscay in ‘watchleader watch’ with Nick, Jon and Cliggy has been fantastic.  Exploring Camaret and the coastal paths in the blazing sunshine (after failing to find the man to hire a bike from) with spectacular views was astounding. Next stop – Falmouth! Thanks to all who have made this trip possible.  I am so grateful for being part of it, even if only for a week! Emily x

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