Final landfall…

And so we’re back.

Falmouth – La Coruna – Lisbon – Las Palmas – Sao Vicente – Rio de Janeiro –

Mar del Plata – Ushuaia – Puerto Williams – Antarctica – Ushuaia – Puerto

Williams – Antarctica – Ushuaia – Stanley – South Georgia – Piriapolis –

Isla Grande – Rio de Janeiro – Ponta Delgada – La Coruna – Falmouth

21500 nautical miles, 235 days, MWF10, 1200 night hours


It seems like ages ago and like yesterday that we left here, and it was strange and brilliant to see my mum and Nick’s parents for a glass of bubbly as we arrived. I had to walk away for a minute as it was a bit overwhelming being surrounded by people! We owe a huge thanks to all you guys who helped make this possible, and for looking after us whilst we were gone. Now back to real life and plotting. Thank you. James


Feelings are mixed. There were a few tears when I saw the land for the first time and a few more when we saw Nick and James’ parents waving from the cliff top. I’m still waiting for mine to turn up… apparently they are sailing here. I guess this will be our last official blog as the adventure ends tomorrow although we’ll keep on posting until the last of us leave Elinca in Stornoway next Saturday. I’m planning to spend today sitting on the deck with a gin and tonic waiting for people to arrive and watching the world go by.  Clare

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5 Responses to Final landfall…

  1. Barbara Saegall says:

    I have so enjoyed your adventures on the blogs… Jim Clarke is the person I knew on the boat. I kept on reading since you had all, in various combinations become part of the day during autumn, winter and now spring. I will miss hearing about the wonderful wildlife and icy region of the planet, as well as all the other places in between. I hope all goes well for you in the future and I hope this wonderful trip gives you the best memories! You are an inspiring group and Jim’ Clarke’s mother and I are starting to plan a trip but on a bigger boat. It will be an adventure but not quite like yours! Thank you and bye!
    Barbara Segall

  2. Barbara matthewman says:

    Welcome back adventurers. Good to know you are all safe and hopefully sound. How will I know where Cliggy and the rest of you are on this planet or what you are up to without the daily tracking and the blogs.? I will miss them.

  3. Katrin says:

    It’s kind of unbelievable that you are back already. Have the feeling it was just yesterday that we sailed around La Mer channel and iceberg graveyard in Antarctica. For me one of the best days while I was on Elinca. But it’s not only that you made it possible for me to experience the breathtaking dimensions and nature of Antarctica, I also got to know an amazing bunch of people! Thanks again to all of you who made the trip possible and gave me the chance to be part of it.
    I will miss reading the blog posts. It was such a routine. Most of the time the blog came out when I sat down for breakfast here in Vancouver – so I always could start my day with you guys.
    I hope you have an amazing day tomorrow at the party enjoying the memories and the reunion with friends and family. Hope you are all settling back well into life on land. And hopefully we see each other again once I’m back in Europe.
    Thanks again and all the best! Katrin

  4. Spencer Smith family says:

    Congratulations Elinca! Especially to Clare and James whose journey we have followed, via the blog, with interest, anxiety, smiles, envy, but above all, pleasure. What a journey and what an honour to be able to be a spectator with the wonders of technology. Will any of you (us) ever be quite the same again?

  5. Heather Seddon says:

    Well done to you all & thanks so much for the blogs. Thanks also for the a,axing time we spent with you on Elinca.

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