Only “two channel crossings” from the end..

een a long motor to windward and Elinca is now approaching Oban where we will drop off our watermaker, our spinnaker and our personal locator beacons for OYT Scotland. Despite the lack of sailing it has been flat and the cleaning has been enthusiastic. You wouldn’t recognise her as the seasoned traveller of last week. I’m not saying that she is shining but at least bits of her reflect the light. More fun than cleaning has been the eating of the left over food and the dividing up of left over lost property. The Holyhead food bank did well out of us.

We’re now only two channel crossing from the end of our journey and its worth noting that the scenery looks very like tierra del Fuego. Since we have taken off most of the kit the waterline has lifted by a full two inches and 9 months worth of goose banicles are now drying out.

Cliggys Birthday is tomorrow, we won’t post her age on the internet but she’ll be treated to an Elinca cake with eggs.

Our final official blog will be Saturday. The space will then be open for crew members to add to and we are yet to debut Cliggy Potter!

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5 Responses to Only “two channel crossings” from the end..

  1. Heather Seddon says:

    Happy Birthday to Cliggy for tomorrow.

  2. carolyn boyce says:

    Happy birthday Cliggy, enjoy your day.

  3. says:

    Hello Elinka

    Well done to you all. The weather always has all the cards.

    A big thank you for your generosity at your leaving party. Kind words, commem. Photo and of course the Malt !

    Unsettled here with thunderstorms- out on the safety boat tonight – and Falmouth Boat Jumble on Sun.

    See some of you soon for Caroline and Olly nuptials.

    Best Regards. Peter

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  4. Katrin says:

    @Cliggy: Happy Birthday! Tillykke med fødselsdagen! Alles Gute zum Geburtstag! Wish you a wonderful day on Elinca. Enjoy the last days on the boat. Hope to talk to you soon, when you are back on land. Knus!

  5. Pete Lamb (Jenn's Dad) says:

    Having followed the blog religiously since my daughter Jenn signed up to this remarkable journey, I have jealously seethed at missing out and have marvelled at your exploits, your triumphs, your highs and lows (though very few of those). I have been amazed by your photo’s and laughed at your antics, the stories and video’s, the games you played and the way you all had so much fun and each night I thought….. if only! I happily sat for 9 hours in traffic to come and gate crash your homecoming party in Falmouth and what a homecoming it was. Fantastic to put names to faces (and stories) and to be there to welcome you all home. So how overjoyed was I when you said you needed one more to help to take Elinca home, dreams do come true after all. At last a chance to sample one very small part of what you had all been through. A quick phone call to work and that was me official late recruit and stowaway to the greatest show on earth. Mine was a short trip up the coast to Holyhead but just to be there, to be part of your unbelievable experience and to spend just a few precious days in your company was brilliant. Thank you for letting me stowaway and you even found some Dolphins for me. A million congratulations to everybody involved and that goes beyond the lucky few who sailed and to all those who made this entire dream a reality. Where do I send my deposit for the next one?? Finally Happy Birthday Cliggy hope its a good one and safe journeys home to the last remaining few – you all need a rest now. Thank you everyone – Pete xx

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