New adventure and new blog

Spring is almost here but although the weather outside is getting warmer our minds have already turned to the next ice filled adventure. Adventure 2016 will commence in Tromso (Norway) where we will sail west aiming for Greenland and the fijord of Scoresbysund that is only clear of ice, and therefore open to boats, for a few weeks a year.

Why are we going? Well, as always our main reason for going is just because it’s there, we want to see whatever there is to see and experience whatever there is to experience. We hope to see ice and mountains, beautiful summer plants and flowers, whales, birds, foxes and possibly walrus and polar bears too. We aim to walk on shore, ever wary of the bears, and, weather permitting, explore some of the glaciers that calve into the sound. This time we also hope to do some science both en-route and also in Scorsebysund – more on that later! The second half of our trip takes us south tracing the path of Vikings and calling at the north coast of Iceland, the Faroes and Shetland on our way to the Netherlands.

We’ve set up another blog… this should keep you up to date with our planning and preparations as well as with the trip itself… you can read about Adventure 2016 at

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