Fin whales and calmer seas

Hi everyone,

Gemma here today (the Irish contingent onboard), After being home contact its nice to be actually writing the blog from onboard. It is also very nice to feel able to sit and type for a while. As you have all being reading we have had a bumpy few days since leaving Puerto Williams. Since I first signed up to this there have been many conversations and thoughts about “crossing the drake” so I am very glad to have almost completed my first crossing. There have being varying levels of sea sickness and thankfully, I was pleasantly surprised to be at the mild end thanks to a magic patch behind my ear. Stafford and James were the only ones to be totally free. Katrin has been a real trooper in the galley, along with James they have been keeping us fed and watered which has been much appreciated by all.

I have just come off the 04:00 to 08:00 watch and it flew past this morning for a few reasons, including being smooth enough to make brews for my watch, but mainly because we were visit by a pod of fin whales. When I first spotted the water spouting when I was on the helm I thought I was imaging it and it was a cloud but thankfully I wasn’t dreaming and they came closer and closer. There were six in total, four close by and two off in the distance. They played for about 45mins. The noise they made when exhaling through their spots was breath-taking along with the elegance and grace with which they moved through the water. The crossed right in front of the bow at one stage. After looking at them for about 10 minutes we decided to let the rest of the crew know. There is always a risk that when you call people from their cosy bunks that the whales disappear. No one stirred on the first call and we called them a little while later, three people got up then and thankfully weren’t disappointed..otherwise we wouldn’t have been popular.

There is a hive of activity on board this morning now that people are well enough to be below. I’m sitting surrounded by ravioli which is on the lunch menu for today. Kirsty is sitting next to me and I can see her breath but neither of us are cold thanks to the multiple layers which are all the fashion on board Elinca. At one stage this morning I even broke into a sweat when working on deck. Whilst working up a sweat can be a treat it also brings the chance that you can get very cold again if you aren’t wearing the right type of clothing to wick away the sweat and stop your inner layers getting wet so you don’t get cold, thankfully mine worked well.

I’ll sign off now as there are shouts of “more whales” coming from on deck and I don’t want to miss out.

Hi to everyone at home especially Mammy G and all my friends and family.


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4 Responses to Fin whales and calmer seas

  1. marie gavin says:

    Hey Gemmima!

    Lovely to hear ye are getting on ok..loving the photos, it looks amazing. Stay warm..and safe!
    Marie x

  2. Prue Mitchell says:

    For Fanny: Beatrice is wanting to know if sailing the Elinca is easier than trying to use a sewing machine?! Much love from us all xx

  3. Elaine says:

    Great to hear from you Gemma. Were missing you on What’s App! The pics are amazing…spectular. Glad your gear is keeping you warm. No news here back home. Back to the old routine now which is good. looking forward to hearing more. Its a great form of escapism during the dark dreary January. Take Care, keep safe, Elaine xx.

  4. Adrian says:

    Hi Fanny
    Sandy and I are thinking of you. Glad your bag connected with you and hope you are in calmer waters, Love Adrian and Sandy

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