Water water everywhere

I’ve become a water baby over the last few days. I loved spending time in the water in our Isla Grande anchorage. I would swim all the way in to the beach, then snorkel the length of the beach looking at the strange white disks that I believe are star fish cuttles with little parties of hermit crabs dancing on their backs, then splash around in the shallows between the beach games and finally swim back to the boat in the evening light. After dinner it’s time for a night swim, and as I move away from the deck lights of Elinca, the phosphorescence looks brilliant. My arms are surrounded by green flashes of light, and when I kick my legs I leave a glowing green trail.

Yesterday, I was woken to the splashes and squeals of laughter as people jump back in the water. It didn’t take long before I joined them for a nice long morning swim to visit one of the other boats. Our morning swim was followed by a trip to the beach…I mean what else would we do 🙂 Squid rings on the beach was punctuated by the excitement of turtle sightings. I had spotted one in the bay earlier, and we waded out to a little pier near where it had been on the off chance that it was still nearby. After just 5 minutes of patient waiting the turtle surfaced just a meter from the pier. We couldn’t believe our luck. It was about 75cm long with a beautiful patchwork of markings on it’s head and flippers.

After our watery holiday in Isla Grande, we are now having a different sort of wet holiday in Paraty. As we sailed out of our little paradise towards Paraty, we drove into one rain squall after another. They were not just small showers, but more like tropical drenchings. Nick on the helm was in sunglasses just to keep the rain out of his eyes (the only ones to hand were novelty pink sunglasses with a hanging moustache much to our amusement), and swimwear only was the most appropriate deck wear to avoid getting more clothes wet. We had a fun bit of “man overboard” manoeuvring  to pick up our dinghy which came untied from the back of the boat – it seems that our skipper’s knot skills are not quite up to standard.

As we tied up in Paraty marina the rain was even heavier than before but everyone who had been cowering under Phuket was forced out into the rain to pull lines, arrange fenders or sit off in the dinghy to push the bow of the boat if need be as we reversed into a spot between two other yachts. One of which was Paraty II, the expedition yacht of Amir Klink, a famous brazilian yachtsman who has overwintered at both poles. The rain continued to cycle between heavy, heavier and torrential through the night, and continues today. The crew are gearing up to go into town and check out the sights and sounds of Paraty. I need to rub the sleep out of my eyes and join them.


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  1. Kirsts says:

    Hooray for the shades nick, nice work!

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