Are we nearly there yet?

Elinca is back online after three days of radio silence. There hasn’t been more than 10 minutes spare in the last three days and we have used this time for eating!

The mast came out for a survey (and passed with almost full marks). Whilst it was out of the water Angus and Innes replaced all the standing rigging more than four years old. Jon worked to get the Inmarsat C up and running, ran a low resistance cable for the Sat phone and continued his ongoing battle with the poorly water maker. Clare, James and Colette worked their way throught the MCA coding book, spending money, spending time and trying to get the boat ready for her big MOT. In the middle of all this we snuck off to a wedding for 6 hours of dancing! James brother Colin hosted a Ceilidh for all the folk who couldn’t make it out to Canada to his actual wedding.
Then today, Friday 13th, was Cat 0 coding day… the day it was all meant to come together! Unlucky for some…  not for us… it could have gone worse. We have a list of jobs, things to do, things to fix and things to buy. Luckily we have our delivery crew turning up tonight and tomorrow and they are going to help us through the list. Some of them don’t know this yet 🙂

Here are some pictures of Elinca without her mast…looking strangly bald.

DSC_0172 DSC_0171 DSC_0170 DSC_0169

And for anyone who likes a smile… take a look at the all New Fish Friday Deal … looks an aweful lot like every other day

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