Arrived in Holyhead

We got to say a fond farewell to friends on the OYT Scotland boats, as well as a surprise visit from Spirit of Fairbridge. We captured a close friend, Titch, and tried to steal her away, but had to swap her back for two of our own crew members who had been left on the pontoon taking photos.



It was smooth sailing all the way to Holyhead. The weather stayed mostly dry with a good wind, and we had some nice waves to surf down meaning we made good speed, with the boat doing between 6 and 12 knots (6.9 – 13.8 mph). It sounds slow, but that’s actually pretty good for a boat. Last night was a beautiful night with a really bright moon lighting up the surroundings and stars twinkling in the sky to help us steer a straight course. I saw something I have never seen before, that I have named a “moonbow”. Basically, it’s like a rainbow, but at night caused by the light of the moon.

It’s an amazing feeling to be on our way!! Isn’t that right Clare?


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