Friday 4th October – dolphins, sunfish and sacrificial anodes

Daily position update. 37 36.0′ N 9 28.8′ W

Heading south hoping to pick up some breeze later today.

October 4th, my birthday (Clare). Today started with a noise. At 01.00 am. A sort of clanging noise coming from the propeller… rope, pot buoy, prop falling off? It was impossible to tell in the dark so we lashed the shaft so it couldn’t turn and waited until morning. Not a great night’s sleep. Then we employed the go-pro camera on the end of a long boat hook tied on very, very well to get a view of our propeller. The footage is actually really beautiful. It’s a really calm morning and the sea is very green. Thankfully there was no mess of rope and the prop nut, split pin and other vital equipment looked fine. What had happened was that the anode, which protects the shaft from corrosion, had come loose and was jiggling about. Jon bravely volunteered to dive in with a screwdriver and fix the problem. In he went and the face he pulled when he hit the water didn’t show the agony we were expecting. So in jumped everybody else too. Then along came a sunfish with no fear of humans. What eats sun fish? It swam round and round us waving its bizarre little fins in the air. We got lots of photos. Meanwhile Jon unscrewed the offending anode and it dropped to the bottom of the Atlantic… don’t worry, we have a spare. Then we sighted dolphins and there was a mixed reaction. Half the crew looked excited and half the crew swam like mad for the ladder thinking that although swimming with dolphins sounds like a nice idea, in reality they are bigger than you with powerful tails and pointed teeth.

We are now under motor due to there being no wind at all. Heading south, though, with some blazing sun. James is busy working up a sun sight and all is well. One sad piece of birthday news. When taking off my wet T-shirt I snapped the chain on the moonstone necklace that my mum gave me that I wear every day 😦 Don’t worry though, I still have both pieces and plan to find a jeweller who can fix it in the Canaries.


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1 Response to Friday 4th October – dolphins, sunfish and sacrificial anodes

  1. Anne Crawford says:

    Wow what a fantastic experience. You are all so brave but what a reward to see such beautiful creatures. Can’t wait to see the pics. It’s a very rainy day here today so getting wet without such fun. Love to all, especially Jess.

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