Quiz answers

Quiz answers

1. How many anchors have we got on board?

Ans: 6

Sarah Jales  5

Sue Barke 4

Anne Crawford: Maybe two, a main and a kedge ( is Jess impressed?)

Paula: yes but will they reach the bottom?

2. What is a spurlash?

Ans: the noise an anchor makes when it hits the water (Sue Barke and Anne Crawford got this one)

Sarah Jales  It’s the slow sound your brain hears when something expensive drops into the sea. ..

Orla: the sound Jon made when he jumped in to check the sacrificial anode, or the lashing used to secure the boom to the coachroof when in port

Paula: a splash from a fish with bait but no hook in its mouth

3. What is the distance to Antarctica and back?

Ans: 14000nm as the crow flies but we accepted anything up to the 25000 we’ll probably sail. (Anne Crawford is the winner here)

Sarah Jales 9 months = 270 days =6480 hours @ 10 knots =65, 000nm. If it’s any less than that you must be slacking 🙂

Sue Barke Depends a) how many M.O.B drills you do, b) who’s on the helm, c) how many times you wander off course in search of wildlife and d) how many islands you detour around!

Anne Crawford: You will have travelled 14900.17 nautical miles to Antarctica and back

Paula: it depends on how many geese have wings and how many tacks?

4. How many clean t-shirts has Jon earned? (t-shirts are earned by doing a really nasty job)

Ans: Earned 1, “aquired” 3

Sarah Jales 2 per day.

Sue Barke I suspect this could link to question 9. If so, he probably deserves more than he’s been awarded! 3?!

Anne Crawford: At least five t-shirts, especially if he helped with the toilets

Paula: 10 at least

5. How many 2 cup tea bags did we buy from Mr Kitching at the Wallingford Tea and Coffee company?

Ans: 3040 (if they *really* are 2 cup tea bags, then Sue Barke is pretty spot on with her initial answer)

Anne Crawford: Can you buy 2 cup tea bags?

Sarah Jales 5. 14 people on board, 6480 hours. 1 cup of tea every 2 hours. 22680 tea bags. Any less? PANIC!

Sue Barke: Vague maths happening……..if you’ve any sense, at least 6,000 (roughly worked out as 2 per day per person (minus Clareski who’ll be on the peppermint tea) but that would be ridiculous…2,000?!

Paula: 9 months x 30 days x 14 x 4 = 15,000 ish

6. On a scale of 1 – red, how red is Andy?

Ans: Various, but any answer near a 40W port nav light, lobster, too red… are acceptable

Sarah Jales  Red.

Anne Crawford: Very red

Sue Barke Roughly port buoy coloured?! But this means you’ve all been neglecting him! Who’s in charge of his suncream?!

Paula: 10

Orla: raspberry (the colour, not the sound)

7. What is the minimum angle above the horizon that the sun must be to take an accurate sextant reading?

Ans: 10 degrees

Sarah Jales 7. If in low earth orbit, horizon is at -25degrees. (That’s quite a big “if”, Sarah! Ed).  Zero should be fine.

Sue Barke: Not even going to guess….

Anne Crawford: The sun doesn’t have to be there as you can use a sextant at night (so Google tells me)

Paula: 30?

8. How many emergency torches didn’t work after Cliggy replaced all the batteries?

Ans: 3, though some still do Disco Disco

Orla: none of them, once she remembered they had ‘on/off’ switches

Sue Barke All of them! (no offence Cliggy!)

Anne Crawford: All of them! Were the batteries in the wrong way round?

Paula: was that before or after working out which way the knobbly bit goes?

9. How many times has the toilet broken since we left Falmouth? (both toilets)

Ans: Three

Innes Kenneth John Smith What have yous been doing to the toilets?!

Anne Crawford: At least 5 for Jon’s t—shirts

Paula: once a day so that’s 13

10. What is the star on Orion’s right shoulder called?

Ans: Betelguese (correctly googled by Susie, which immediately disqualifies her. Didn’t we mention no googling?)

Susannah Williams Orion’s right shoulder is Betelgeuse… unless you mean right as we look at him then it’s Bellatrix! That is the only one I know so I’ll quit while I’m ahead

Anne Crawford: Depends where in the world you are looking from. Maybe Capella or the planet Venus. This has made me procrastinate from hanging new curtains…thanks

Sarah Jales Beetlejuice

Orla: Betelgeuse and an extra point for me for adding the missing apostrophe

Paula: ummm need to wait til it’s dark and check the app


All entrants have won a cup of Elinca tea made with hoarded pre-used tea bags!

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1 Response to Quiz answers

  1. Paula says:

    I shall be sure to be claiming mine before I reach another birthday. Ps how’s the fishing? Or is it scones for tea instead?

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