Getting Ready

It’s another day in Las Palmas for the Elinca team – though it won’t be as much fun as yesterday for them!

Thursday was spent ‘kayaking, sunbathing, surfing, eating pizza, doing laundry, all in the glorious 34 degrees sunshine!’ whereas today is full of prep for what will be a trek some 927 nautical miles south to the Cape Verde islands.

The preparations extend to (more) winches being serviced, the forepeak restowed, outboard engines away safely, weekly checks, generator service, safety checks, watermaker service, the logo painted on the wall, 14 peoples laundry hung up around the boat making them look like a rabble, and 4 people heading off to do a months worth of shopping!

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2 Responses to Getting Ready

  1. Paula says:

    Hello everyone. Loved the video. Tell Nick Grandma Lo loved seeing them too and everyone is following the blog. Please please can someone provide an update on the anode spare. Has it been replaced?

  2. Jim's mum says:

    Think we need a photo on next ‘wash day’ of 14 lots of washing out to dry on the boat!

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