Monday 28th October

We’re currently in position 7 00′ S 30 37′ W. Our intentions are to continue towards Rio.


Three days after crossing the equator life has settled back into our regular routine. On Monday morning as I write this, we’re at 7 degrees south of the equator. The wind has now come around to the east and so we’re on a beam reach and have sped up and are averaging eight knots, which meant that we made 201 nautical miles of progress towards Rio yesterday.

We’re split into three watches and so we’re on watch for four hours and then we get six or eight hours off watch, although there’s also a rota for cooking lunch and dinner, and cleaning. My watch cooked beef stew and cous cous last night, which took a couple of hours out of our off watch time. Zoe also made fairy cakes which were amazingly fresh when we had them between rounds of the Sunday evening quiz (we’ll type the questions from Andrea’s nautical round and include these in one of the next blogs).

This morning I’m on watch from eight until midday along with Andy K, Zoe and Cliggy. Our routine continued this morning with a deck scrub. The refit in Greenock was quite rushed at the end and so there’s some ingrained dirt on the decks. Every morning we’re working our way around the boat scrubbing the dirt patches and the white paintwork is beginning to gleam now. Unfortunately the eight knots that we’re making means that it was too dangerous to scoop buckets of sea water up as the bucket is torn out of your hands by the rushing water. We therefore turned the boat into the wind and hove-to so that Elinca was almost stopped in the water and we could scoop up plenty of water to wash the muck off the decks after our scrubbing.

We were talking last night about how we have enjoyed settling into our routine of watches and how it’ll be strange when we get home having more freedom but also having to decide what we’re going to do each day. I’m going to miss my afternoon snoozes too.

Best wishes,


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1 Response to Monday 28th October

  1. Alan Pearson says:

    Andrea/Zoe – was something of Zoe’s supposed to be getting posted to me to bring to Rio? If so, it’s not arrived. I don’t know if there’s anything you can do about it now other than get a message to someone. If I’m imagining the whole thing then ignore this message!

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