Sailing in the Doldrums

Yesterday was the first time we have had significant periods of sailing even though we are technically in the doldrums… so we have motored up one of the most reliable trade wind belts (judging by the arrows in James Clarke’s Atlantic Pilot Atlas) due to lack of wind; into an area infamous for its lack of wind and started sailing.

It is such a blessed relief to turn the engine off and sail; just to remove the background hum and chudder the engine makes. Conversations can be held in a normal tone and the person on the helm is no longer isolated from the chatter in Phuket. The lack of engine noise has inspired a fluttering of creativity. We await with excitement the remaking of the Carly Rae Jepsen Call Me Maybe video (see You Tube for other pale imitations) and Cliggy will be the star in her own short film…

There has been a resurgence in Jackanory time, on the boat, with a number of watches reading out loud, sometimes with the added bonus of cold chocolate milk. We have also started a yachtmaster theory course and yesterday Clare took us through bouys and lights.

So even though there is little to stare at we are still keeping ourselves busy.

Sarah T

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