One step closer to home

Today we are very excited on board Elinca. At 10:15 GMT we crossed the Equator! 0’00 N, 31’00.4 W This marks a major milestone in the return voyage to the UK, and above all else means that James is about to share the bar of Dairy Milk smuggled into Brazil!

Neptune is due to cast his judgement over the crew later in order to determine whether those never to have traversed this major line of latitude before may be honourably upgraded from “Pollywog” to “Shellback”. From what I can tell this involves cross-dressing and consuming something that looks like vomit. So just a normal Saturday night then for Neptune who is believed, coincidentally like our Skipper, to also be Scottish and have a penchant for buttered toast (let them eat cake, James!). Crimes must be identified by other crew members in order for Neptune to cast judgement. So it doesn’t look too good for Rach!

We are pleased to reveal, exclusively on this blog that there will be an exciting new installment of the Harry Potter films! You know that children’s book, for children, about a wizard school? Shooting was wrapped yesterday and it has now entered production. We’re not sure what to call it though. Harry Potter and the Sea of Water? Harry Potter and the Doldrums of Nothing? Harry Potter and the Ocean of Embarrassment? Anyway, it’s going to be better than the rival music video – in no way is that song getting really annoying by now!

In other news there is nothing. No ships and no planes but we did see a waterspout yesterday! This is the sea equivalent of a twister, and was very exciting, but then Clare was giving us a talk on channel markers at the time…

Love to everyone back home

Andy T

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2 Responses to One step closer to home

  1. Mary taylor says:

    Glad you are having fun and have not yet been eaten by a shark! Makes Brittany seem very boring! Love from Andy T’s mum and dad.

  2. Heather Seddon says:

    Hope Neptune is kind to you

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