We had a pleasant surprise at the start of the 4am watch today with a note informing us that the easter bunny had visited elinca overnight. As chocolate may not have survived that well over the last few weeks the easter bunny had instead brought bags of haribo in the shape of easter bunnies! These were hidden in various places round the cockpit including the winch handle pockets and the usual hiding place of the thermometer box – a slight challenge to find in the dark but all have now successfully been recovered (including one extra one that maybe the watch before had failed to find!!). The easter bunny had also brought some mini eggs along which were much appreciated yesterday (even if some were no longer very egg shaped…).

The wind appears to have dropped slightly overnight and we are now sailing at around 6 knots with the full main up. The temperature has also dropped a bit now (to a mere 24 degrees yesterday) so sleeping is now slightly more pleasant, even if it still involves sleeping more on the wooden shelf next to the bunk than on the foam mattress. It is probably better for those of us on the port side though – apparently climbing up the wall is the easiest way to get into the top bunks on the starboard side with elinca spending most of the time heeled over at about 20 degrees!

To ‘celebrate’ Easter we have the dubious shanks for dinner – mainly lamb shanks but with a few pork shanks as well! These are vacuum packed and so apparently will have kept fine in their cardboard box under someone’s bunk for the last 3 weeks in the tropics. I’m sure they will be lovely….

Tonight we also have another edition of the Mucky Duck pub quiz. Rachel and Sarah spent most of yesterday afternoon asking questions for the family fortune round, including how often on average we think the crew of Elinca change their pants (for some people a very rare occurrence…let’s hope Rachel’s answer doesn’t skew the results!) as well as taking some ‘interesting’ photos of everyone in the crew for the photo round!

Happy Easter to everyone at home!


Don’t forget to sign up to the Adventure2013 Welcome Home Party on 17 May in Falmouth: https://elinca.eventbrite.co.uk

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2 Responses to Happy Easter

  1. Gemma says:

    Dying to hear what they taste like!

  2. Pete & Adele Lamb (Jenn's folks) says:

    So one minute I am reading Alice’s blog talking about how often Elinca’s crew are changing their pants and next thing Gemma replies that she is dying to know what they taste like????? Call me odd but I will stick to my Easter eggs thanks. Have a great Easter all you Elincians 😉

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