Meet the newest crew member…

Hi, Barney here.

I’m the newest member of crew on-board Elinca. I’m orange and flowery, inflatable and make a wonderful crowing noise. I think I’m a reindeer. I used to live in a Chinese shop on the Azores, but I met some of the lovely departing crew members and they thought I might enjoy a passage to England. I’m a very lucky reindeer. I’m loving life at sea already. So far I have spent time in the heads and I’m currently hanging out in Phuket, keeping all the watches company. I’m trying my best to fit in but despite my best efforts I worry that some crew members dislike me. I worry that they find my calls irritating. I try to not be too noisy, but sometimes I get excited when one of my friends comes to see me. I’ve overheard some people talking about how they might see whether I can swim. I hope they’re joking, I cannot swim.

So far I have seen whales and dolphins and I’ve been learning some navigation. James and Jon have turned off the GPS and gone back to ancient navigational techniques. We are using a pencil and a paper chart to plot our position, and Jon has been teaching me how to use the sextant. Last night he did a wonderful sextant sight to within 15 miles accuracy. Unfortunately this put our position on land, 10 miles away. James’ morning star sights were equally unsuccessful… there were no stars to be seen! Never mind, we’ll try again today and in the meantime we’ll plod on in the general direction of Spain, we think. Until next time readers, I have to go and wake up the next watch eeeeek eeek eeeek eeeeeeeeeeek.

Love, Barney xx

In case anyone is confused or disturbed by this blog it is not referring to another April fools animal but to a large plastic reindeer that was picked up in the Azores. Unfortunately this same reindeer also makes an incredibly annoying noise when you push the button on the back of its head. If we were not totally against littering the ocean it would have found itself swimming.

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2 Responses to Meet the newest crew member…

  1. Emma Layfield says:

    Thank goodness I escaped that one!! Hope you are all having a good time – I got home eventually and have survived my first day back at work! The girls have mobbed me and it’s great to see them again. Many thanks for an amazing trip and sorry I didn’t get to say goodbye to everyone properly. Love em xx

  2. Mat Damon says:


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