Bonus blog: Question from 1st Marple Brownies

‘Hello Elinca,

We are doing our Out and About Badge and were learning how to read maps tonight. We looked at the map of your trip on the wall of the Guide Hut and we wondered how you find your way when you are on the sea. Our guesses are:
1. You use a map
2. You use an atlas
3. You use a compass
Can you tell us how you know where to go when there are no landmarks at sea?

Thank you,

1st Marple Brownies’

‘Hello 1st Marple Brownies!

Reading maps is a really useful skill. When we are sailing we use a type of map called a chart. Instead of the lines that show hills on a normal map (the contours) we have lines showing how deep the sea is. As well as a map we use a compass, a book about the tides and a GPS.

We have had lots of fun and so far we have not got lost. When I get home I will come and tell you all about it,


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