Last Change Over

Today we’re chilled out and hanging around in Coruna, giving the boat a clean and doing safety checks and shopping in preparation for heading out across Biscay on our final leg to Falmouth.  We’ve lost 4 crew – Benito, Raffe, Cliff and Richard have left and Emily, Jim Boyce, and Dan and Niamh Condren will join us.

Yesterday the Elinca crew did culture.  We visited Santiago de Compostelo, where St James the Greater is buried, wandered around this huge religious complex of seminaries and cloisters and cathedrals with all the dusty pilgrims and shiny mountain bikes.  We chilled out in museums of Galician life, had wine tastings guided by our very own sommelier, ate dinner down a tiny alley and got the last train back to La Coruna.

Now it’s time for my weekly shower whether I need it or not, and a break from the boat.

James, x

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4 Responses to Last Change Over

  1. Mat Damon says:

    Fire walkers focus on cool wet grass. You could try focusing on something really relaxing like a house packed full of boat stuff for 6 months!

  2. Heather Seddon says:

    Safe sailing for the last leg. Looking forward to seeing you all in Falmouth.
    Take care.

  3. dorothy ferguson says:

    Enjoyed sharing all the fun and games the food sounds good well done. Take care of dad for me James he has a few more jobs to do much love gran.

  4. mike bassett says:

    Hi James and Clare and all of you on board! Thanks for six months of wonderful adventures. We have been mapping progress for our youth from Rusthall, inspiring them to sail. Sadly not sailing with youth this year but our younger ones are keen to have a go next year. All our best wishes and have a safe voyage home.

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