Thursday 17th April, still somewhere in the Atlantic. Today I thought I
would give you an insight into ocean sailing.

Today has been very much like, well, yesterday, and the day before, and the
day before that. I’ve been on watch, twice, and been late for watch, twice.
I have cleaned a toilet, eaten 3 meals, done some washing up and helmed for
a few hours, some of this well and some badly while chatting to Sarah about
sesame prawn on toast and my love of prawn crackers. I did the log twice,
on 1 of them I upgraded the sea state from ‘slight’ to ‘moderate’ which I
quite enjoyed. I sheeted in the jib, a little. I made coffee and drank
coffee. I’ve given a head massage and received a back massage. I changed
my pants. We put a reef in, Nick took our reef out, nothing changes there.

Out of the ordinary things that have happened in the past 24 hours… 1. I
washed my hair. Now, I know, this probably doesn’t initially sound that
exciting, however the actual washing process provided at least 30 minutes of
entertainment. You see it’s very difficult to wash your hair, with a mug
and a pump tap over a sink exuding farty smells (the black water tank seems
most unhappy when we’re healing) in a small confined space which is lurching
up and down and slamming from side to side. With the door shut (this allows
you to be alone on the boat for a short period of time) you actually can’t
get enough of an angle between your feet and your upper body to keep
yourself upright. Post-washing I received comments from at least 6 people
about my hair ‘ooh you smell nice’ ‘oh you’ve washed’ ‘oh Rachel, you’ve
joined the washing club’ ‘Rachel you’ve betrayed us, you’ve washed YOUR
HAIR’ etc etc. 2. We saw pilot whales. This was very exciting and provided
at least 5 minutes of entertainment. 3. The sun came out from behind the
clouds for a few minutes this morning, providing an ‘ooh look it’s the sun’
and about a minute of happiness. 4. Sari spent 2 hours making hot cross
buns. I think this was a mix of emotions, something to do but also
frustrating when the yeast exploded and she managed to lose 1 kilo of flour
down the back of the cooker. We did have a giggle for at least 30 seconds
when she read the recipe out of the Good Housekeeping Spring Cookbook ‘cover
the dough with a clean tea towel’. Clean tea towel, chortle chortle.

Current conversation either centres on what we’re going to eat when we’re
back in Falmouth or how terribly cold it is, normally accompanied by a
comment on how rubbish the northern hemisphere is (cloudy, grey etc). It is
a spine-chilling 24 degrees, but with the wind chill it feels about 22, and
I just cannot warm up. I now prefer hanging out in my bunk, cocooned in
sleeping bag or in the galley immersed in the lovely steam of the boiling
kettle. The weather is just never quite right.

It’s now the 18th of April and I wait with great anticipation to see what
excitement today might bring. Until next time…

Rachel xx

Don’t forget to sign up to the Adventure2013 Welcome Home Party on 17 May in Falmouth:

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